Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Of Comparative Video 101 - 2010

In 2010, Comparative Video 101 has appeared 46 times, one fewer than in 2009. We had a larger number of special posts this year - tributes to Bob Shane, Dave Guard and Bob Gibson, a retrospective on Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp, a celebration of my 100th article, and more.
There were still profiles of 38 individual songs, and each profile included about six video performances on the average - so CompVid 101 included more than 220 videos in toto. The ones below (listed with the song name as a hyperlink to the articles about them) are the eight performances that I enjoyed the most but had not heard before of songs that most all of us know and love. They are listed in chronological order of their appearance this past year.

I am certainly looking forward to the new year, and my best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous one to all who have been good enough to stop by and read my weekly ramblings on folk music - which will continue, God help us, through 2011.

1. "Riu Riu Chiu" by Flauto Dolce

"South Coast by Horse Sense

"To Morrow" by The Muppets

"Away, Rio" by The Revel Players

"The Escape of Old John Webb" by E.L. Kurtz

"The Streets of Laredo" by Johnny Cash

"My Lord What A Morning" by The Seekers

"The Mary Ellen Carter" by Dave Guard

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greenhawk46 said...

thanks for all your hard work and effort-it's a pleasure to read [and listen to] this blog-
slan, Jim H.