Friday, October 6, 2017

Roots Radio 20: "Memories, Dreams, & Reflections - Roots Music Of Imagination & Remembrance"

This is the first hour of the show, which uses Carl Gustav Jung's concept of archetype as the prism through which to consider how folk and roots songs can express some of our deepest human experiences. The second hour will be posted in a week or two.

Opening: From "Forever And A Day" By The Kingston Trio

Songs of Memory
Steve Gillette - Back On The Street Again
John Stewart - Anna On A Memory
Dolly Parton - Just A Few Old Memories
Laurie Anderson - The Beginning Of Memory
Delbert McClinton - Your Memory, Me, & The Blues
Jim Croce - Photographs & Memories
The Weavers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Pilar - It Was A Very Good Year - Lavender
Saoirse Mhór - Try To Remember

Songs of Dreams - Part 1
Jon Boden - The Dream of Napoleon
John Lee Hooker - Dreamin' Blues
Bruce Piephoff - Hard Times For Dreamers Same
Vernon Dalhart - The Dream of a Miner's Child