Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roots Radio 15: The Rising, Part 2 - More Songs From The Easter Rebellion And The Troubles

A bit later than I intended, but here is the second half of my April radio show entitled "The Rising." This second half includes songs from Ireland's Easter rebellion, the subsequent War For Independence, and the long period of the Irish civil war and the Troubles. The last song in the program would be of especial interest to folk fans. It is Dominic Behan himself singing the original and bitterly complete version of his composition "The Patriot Game," with all six verses intact. It is a rare recording, only recently digitized from vinyl, and has seldom been heard in the U.S. That's mostly because the late Liam Clancy, whose signature solo this became, elided two verses because he disapproved of Behan's condemnation of Irish rebel leader and later president Eamon de Valera in one verse and an endorsement of shooting police in another. This naturally enraged Behan (even more than Bob Dylan's purloining of the melody for his greatly inferior "With God On Our Side") because it reduced Behan's radical Irish Republican protest song to a generalized lament about the waste of war.