Friday, November 3, 2017

Roots Radio 21: "Memories, Dreams, & Reflections - Roots Music Of Imagination & Remembrance" - Part 2

The second hour of the show originally broadcast over the air in Los Angeles on September 16, 2017.Part 2 includes the second half of Songs Of Memory followed by a segment of Reflections on death, life, and nuclear apocalypse.


Opening: The Kingston Trio from "Forever & A Day"
Dreams, Part 2
Bob Dylan's Dream  
Arranmore - Dreamers On The Rise 
Anne Hills - Dreamcatcher 
Counting Crows When I Dream of Michelangelo 
Joan Baez - Joe Hill

Salamander Crossing - Crossing The Bar
Jeff McDonald - Oldest Living Son
Kate Wolf - Across The Great Divide 
Laura Nyro - Stoney End 
John Denver - Eclipse 
Michael Smith - The Dutchman 
Hamilton Camp - Pride of Man 


Jim Fix said...

This was a really good one. I've played it twice so far and think I'll do it again. Crossing the bar is off the charts!

Richard said...

I liked episode 1, but episode 2 shows as plugin not supported so I couldn't play. I'll bookmark and come back some time.

Jim Moran said...

Sorry Richard - I had to post this using the Flash Player instead of the more modern iFrame, which this site sometimes cannot display. I will try to change the code and post the podcast in both formats.

Thanks for the interest.