Sunday, April 2, 2017

Roots Radio 18 - "O Canada! - Folk Songs From Our Favourite Neighbours In The Great White North"

Songs old and new, traditional and modern, in French and English from the large and friendly country to our immediate north - a country with its own vibrant folk traditions and active folk music culture to this very day. This is the first hour of a March 18th radio broadcast, one that features among other music some of the roots music winners from 2016 for both the Juno Awards (Canada's Grammys) and the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Opening: Farewell To Nova Scotia - Stompin' Tom Connors


Bruce Cockburn - Ribbon of Darkness
k.d. laing - After The Gold Rush
Neil Young - Four Strong Winds
Ian and Sylvia - Early Mornin' Rain
Cowboy Junkies - Tired Eyes


David Francey - Holy Ground
Chaim Tannenbaum - The Moonshiner
Les Souers Boulay - Maison
Pharis&Jason Romero - The Dying Soldier
Buffy Ste. Marie - Farm In The Middle Of Nowhere

Alexandre Belliard - Un Canadien Errant
West My Friend - Home By The Sea


abelian said...

This new page isn't working for me. I'm glad to hear that you're not abandoning the old pages. Thank you for this site!

Jim Moran said...

Thanks for looking in, abelian! I'm re-configuring four or five articles per day - about 30 done, about 180 to go. Ugh. But comments like yours keep me going.
Jim Moran

abelian said...

I was eventually able to listen to this new podcast. I went into Chrome's settings for Flash, and specifically allowed your site. I'd had Chrome set to "ask before running Flash", but it didn't ever ask.

Linkmeister said...

Curse you, Blogspot and Google, for your insensitivity to your customers.

Good luck to you, Jim, in putting the site back together.

Linkmeister said...

I wrote the blog and podcast up over at my site:

Jim Moran said...

Hey Stephen - Great to see you here again, and thanks a million for the write-up and promo. Google actually announced the coming "deprecation" of the object/embed code about 2 years ago - but despite the vast and Big Brother-ish reach of Google, they apparently found no way to inform those of us who use their services. They have my email addresses through both Blogger and YouTube but couldn't be bothered posting any public notice to users. And since like me you appreciate irony, especially in real life, Google's YouTube stopped providing the object/embed code (and made the current iframe code mandatory) maybe a year before Google's Blogger accepted it - which prompted my simple work-around. I saved a copy of the object/embed code and substituted the five or six characters in the YT URLs that actually denoted individual videos. Topping that even - the object/embed codes still work at points even in my oldest posts. Ugh.

Anyway, thanks again - it's also a good reminder to me to stop in at Linkmeister with more regularity. Good stuff there as always.