Monday, July 7, 2008

A Worried Man

Just as Peter Fields finds the most interesting and unusual published stuff on Trio/folk matters - I delight in finding these odd videos, as below.

My proudest moment, I think, was two years ago when I embedded Vanilla Mood (an all-girl Japanese instrumental quartet) doing a fetching version of "Tom Dooley"(since disappeared from YT). THAT was even stranger than our Danish friends doing the same song, as posted a few weeks back.

This video was among the "favorites" of someone who subscribes to our CW videos. When I saw the title, I figured that the performer would be doing the Carter family arrangement of the traditional song - which, if you didn't know it, is substantially different from that of the KT.

But nope - she's doing the KT arrangement all the way - and rather well, too, I'd say:

(Removed by The User)

Johnny Cash + June Carter Cash + Pete Seeger - it gets no better than this:

Here is Mike Seeger, half brother of Pete and former NLCR member, doing the original Carter family version:

(CopyVio - so here are the equally authentic Stanley Brothers from Seeger's show)

Finally - the pervasive influence of the Trio: here is the Carter Family itself in the 60s (I'd guess) including Mrs. J. Cash June Carter. Sister Helene plays "clawhammer guitar" with the "Carter lick" her mother invented and everyone else imitated. Note the Trio influence:

a) three lines of "it takes a worried man" instead of the two as the family had always done, and

b) the definite KT syncopation/hitch in the second chorus - old AP never did it this way, nor did the front porch clawhammer players he pinched it from:

And in living color - The Kingston Trio:

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